Recommend 10 products to sell online in 2022

1. Mother and baby products.

No matter how bad the economy is, no matter what the situation in the country is, mother and baby products can still be sold and always sell well. mom bag maternity clothes or for breastfeeding healthy food for mom milk booster food sundries It is also in demand in the market. including children’s toys of various ages that is both fun and

promotes the skills and development of the baby Parents have hundreds, hundreds, thousands, thousands, all devoted to the baby

2. Clothes

Even if you are in a tight belt or need to save. But clothing is always in trend for online sales. Because the clothing market is a very big market and still going well. There are beautiful clothes. very cheap plus fast changing fashion trends Make this market have

sales opportunities all the time. It depends on who will catch the path or catch the trend right first.

3. Household items

Must admit that now products such as furniture, home appliances, decorations It has been designed to help solve problems and make living in the house easier, whether it’s furniture, decorations, shelves, shoe cabinets, etc. that are both beautiful and cheap to buy. or interesting kitchen items such as kitchen utensils, appliances that look cute and

modern, strange and useful items. Solve problems in life such as shelves, shoe cabinets, filter bags, food waste. moisture-proof clamp waterproof tape on the sink Foam to clean stains, etc. is also popular.

4. Food

Food is another top choice. of online sales Combined with the health-conscious trend of the new generation, clean diets, keto diets, vegan diets, healthy food organic food non-toxic, chemical free tends to be stronger Or is it fresh fruit straight from the garden is in trend. There has been a growing growth in online sales until it becomes more

interesting. In addition, Thai desserts, OTOP food, local specialties such as dried fish, gourami, pickled fish, etc. are also popular and there is a tendency that there will be more Grow more online sales

5. Pet supplies and toys

Due to the stressful economic situation, raising animals is a great way to relieve stress and heal the mind. The trend of raising animals is increasing whether it is common animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, sugar riders, fish, etc., or strange animals. Other types are becoming more popular. Providing pet-related products such as

shampoo, soap, cat litter, cat toilets, houses, condos, collars, food, milk, snacks, cute clothes, toys, etc., are also popular and sell very well.