“I want to start selling online. Ask for ideas from your friends. I want to sell anything that I can sell every day. Profit starting at least 300-500 baht per day is still good.” Choosing a product to sell is very difficult, so we have gathered all the best selling

products in the online world for ideas for friends. Readers who are looking for products to sell As an additional income,

14 types of products that sell well online in 2020 are:

1. Trending products.

Current trends such as groups that do not destroy the world with the purchase behavior that causes the least pollution to the world Make organic products and services grow. If you have the ability May choose to make organic skin care. But it must be organic from the beginning to the end, etc. Some trends are evident, such as masks. It’s something

that has never been sold well before. But then one day it sells like hot cakes. So if you are the one who follows the news quickly. Always up-to-date trend selling It is quite suitable for you ever.

2. Supplements.

Supplements and Vitamins It is a nutrient that is used in addition to the main meal. It is a food that provides nutrients that are essential to the body. Currently, dietary supplements Also known as dietary supplements, it is very popular. especially those who work in general to those who work hard little rest time There is no time to eat all 5

food groups, which are also divided into health food skin whitening supplement weight loss supplement Brain Supplements Which are all products that sell well in the online world more. You just have to know your product so well, only

3 women / men.

Whether it’s clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, fashion items, it’s a product that has a lot of competitors. But it can be sold out more and more if it is close to important festivals such as New Year and Songkran will be a very good product. There is a disadvantage. style of clothing Must be fashionable in order to be popular. Because clothing products

are products that always keep up with the market. Shopping areas can be found in the area of ​​Bobae, Sampeng, Pratunam and the morning market behind Huachiew Hospital, Bangkok.

4. Cosmetics.

Skin care creams, cosmetics, soaps are a business that sells cosmetics is a business that has been continuously watched. A beautiful business that doesn’t invest a lot but has a good profit. by focusing on quality products Mainly good to use It should also add real user reviews and articles on cosmetic tips. It is even more favored by women of

this era. The source can be purchased from Sampeng Sena Trading Center, Pratunam, MASA Meemiewonder, Je Ju Shop

5. Handmade

Handmade is a product made by skilled labor. Purely handmade. The value of handmade products is in each work. will not be 100% the same because they do not use machines to work Make it unique and unique It is an important selling point of handmade work. The most popular buyers are foreigners. You can do it and post it on

the website. for sale to foreigners such as handmade soaps, carved candles, processed fruits, handmade bags lamp from waste material Handmade keychains, etc.


  1. IT products, electronic devices

    We have fully stepped into 2020 now. It can be seen that everything is being developed continuously until we are almost unable to keep up. IT gadgets are constantly developing and updating new trends. Anyone who catches up can draw it as a highlight. To make extra income easily. Examples of hot IT gadgets such as modern film cameras. Video camera for travel calls, headphones, True Wireless Smart

Watch. In addition, IT equipment that is used as a basis such as connectors in computers and notebooks Notebook or smartphone charger It can still be sold continuously as well.

7. Local wisdom products.

health products local wisdom From different provinces, it is a product that sells well in the online world. people buy equipment Or these products are reasonable, such as coconut shells for foot pain relief pedals. or a pain relief massager by the source to sell Can be obtained from OTOP groups or community

enterprise groups. They should select products that are likely to meet the market demand. Able to respond to buyers’ needs It will make income come in regularly.

8. Antiques, rare items, collectibles.

Market of antiques, collectibles and rare items It’s another channel that goes well online, whether it’s coins, banknotes, stamps, antiques, antiques, art, antiques, antiques, woodworking, lamps, radios, TVs to models, figures, furniture, books, and even cars. old that may seem worthless to you But can sell and

make a good price, for example, the shop is one. Antiques shop, Train Night Market, which nowadays is not only popular among Thai collectors. There are also many foreign orders.

9. Children’s toys, dolls.

toy store It is popular with many merchants. and also generate huge profits with relatively high competitors Therefore, it must be featured in itself. There are advertisements that emphasize the importance of children’s toys. Including trying to motivate customers to review your products. When they receive the product because

72% of customers read reviews before using the service or making a purchase. By the way, these are done. Trying to create a brand that is recognizable to most

10. The mobile accessories.

People who use cell phones these days Would not miss protection, taking care of the phone or even increasing the ability of the phone. Therefore, these devices continue to sell well. It is another type of product that should not be missed. Despite the relatively high competition, such as screen protectors,

charging cables, power banks, phone cases, headphones, selfie sticks, selfie sticks that come from the trend of people taking pictures from mobile phones. with more front-facing cameras


  1. Mother and baby items


What makes mothers and babies an attractive target audience in the online marketplace? Because the new mother is considered a target group with high purchasing power. Are interested in information in the online world and can access online channels as well mother and baby products Suitable for mothers with children Because they will have a good understanding of mothers together. Marketing strategies

that must be used include: Using promotions to incentivize purchases for customers Because doing business online is highly competitive. Any store that can motivate customers more is an advantage. Therefore, when starting a business, it is necessary to plan marketing by organizing various promotions,

possibly reducing prices or giving gifts on special occasions from time to time. including creating a line group Build a brand to be remembered.

12. Dog and cat accessories.

If you are someone who loves pets, loves them so much that there is an inner person who wants to do something. Any job related to your own pet? Selling pet supplies, dogs, cats is a very interesting addition. Even now, no matter where you look, there are almost every street Pet Shop. But not everyone who opens is always successful. So there is always room for us to enter. The product group in this category will be Selling animal equipment such as shampoos, collars, leashes, cages, fish tanks, toys,

kits, selling animal food. Both ready-made food, fresh food, regular food and supplementary food. In the future, it can be further expanded to produce food supplements for animals as well.

13. Homemade Chili Paste

Many people who want to start their own business often say that Self or family or having their own relatives make delicious chili paste. has a unique formula Make everyone who eats it will like it and there are only people recommending it to sell. We believe so, just that when starting to sell chili paste online, it’s important to have a clear recipe. Do not use shifts or mother’s hand flavor to

cook absolutely. Because that’s the most important thing that makes many people’s online chili paste business fail. Red chili paste or red eye chili paste. or grilled fish chili paste or chili paste It is a spicy chili paste and has a rather dry texture that can be stored for a long time. Suitable for online sales because it

can be stored for a long time The important technique is to always be fresh, doing it day by day, which will increase the number of customers rapidly.

  1. Cloth bags

    Selling cloth bags or printed branded bags in the online world for these days is considered very easy. In particular, using Social Network as a voice to distribute products to the general public, whether Twitter, IG or Facebook, can sell well. The important thing is attention to the quality of the cloth bags to be sold as well Whether it’s design, sewing, as well as choosing fabrics for making cloth bags. In addition, logo

printing techniques to use as a marketing PR tool It is another way to increase brand awareness. and can be extended to produce other products for further distribution as well