Online marketing campaigns are Using communication tools to promote products or services to be known With different goals, whether it’s Brand Awareness, Engagement or other campaigns such as live product recommendations. organizing an event and distribution of trial products, etc.,

which each business will There are different suitable channels. according to the target group that is the main customer will be successful or not It depends on the understanding of consumer behavior and how much they know them. Understand the identity and identity of the business very well What is outstanding, what are some

strengths? The more I understand all of this the more The more marketing campaigns you run, the more likely it will be successful.

Important principles for online marketing campaigns

as mentioned above Effective marketing campaigns are possible. Must start from understanding as a key foundation In addition to consumers and businesses that you have to break the problem. There is still a lot of information you need to analyze. For some entrepreneurs or business owners, this may be a difficult start because they don’t

know where to start first. Cotactic would like to summarize what is necessary for you to adhere to in the campaign as follows:

1. Set goals or objectives.

Clear Goals or objectives are the first thing we need to find out before starting any campaign. At this stage, we may start by looking at the broader picture of what our business wants from consumers. Then dig into the details of what we need to do to get it. which the online marketing campaign It does not mean that we are doing to increase sales of

products or services alone. There are many different campaign objectives. From increasing brand awareness (Brand Awareness), increasing social media engagement (engagement), increasing the number of visitors to the main website. or advertise upcoming events and promotions, etc.

However, the goals of marketing campaigns are not fixed. It depends on the business at that moment what it wants from the campaign. We may lead the Customer Value Journey or hierarchical customer journey. You can also come help me analyze it. In order to understand the level of customer relationship with the brand. At what point do

we have to create a campaign to support? Or create a goal that will move the relationship of customers with the brand to the point that we want.

2. Analyze competitors and target groups.

Analyzing customer groups or consumers is a very important part of marketing campaigns because the more we know and understand customers. The more our target audience, the more we can create a good campaign. We will know how our customers behave. What campaign content must be created to get the most attention? Often

times, campaigns are created without a clear target audience. In the end, the results obtained did not meet the expectations. lose both capital Waste of time without reason

Besides the customers Competitors within the market are also important factors that we should analyze. Because we know our competitors very well. will lead to a strategy for creating a strategy What kind of campaign planning is appropriate? Which one will stand out and present the brand’s identity the most if it’s actually done? In an era

where every business can go online like this Hundreds of thousands of marketing campaigns are circulating on social media all the time. If we can highlight the strength of the brand until it stands above the competitors from the campaign that we do. It will help build awareness of new consumers as well

3. Content that is appropriate for the target audience.

It can be called the content of the content. is the heart of campaign creation. Because it will serve to keep people’s attention. Ready to send the message that the business wants to convey. Therefore, what should not be overlooked is the suitability of the content that must be consistent with the target audience. so that the substance to be

sent out receives the most attention There are no strict rules for good content design these days. There is no need to stick to the presentation style. Or you can follow the trend that is hot during that time. Good content is content that can perform its

functions to the fullest. Able to tell the story we planned in a clear, easy to understand way, and generate the expected response to

4. Distribution and measurement channels

With today’s technology, it has evolved very far. Until becoming a variety of interaction channels, especially in the online world that has become a part of our lives. We can use these channels to help spread our campaigns. By taking into account the suitability of the content and the target audience is important. Remember that each channel is

unique. It is not necessary to choose to use every channel. Focus on the best and most suitable channels.

After the campaign has been released through the selected channel. Measurement is the next important step. Because it will be like a measure of how effective our campaign is. What is the response from consumers or social trends? After receiving

these information We were able to analyze it to further develop the campaign to be more complete.

which the measurement tool It will vary depending on the objectives of the campaign and the channels we use. In this section, you have to go back and look at the goals of the campaign first. What are you creating this campaign for and then use metrics to evaluate its success?

It can be seen that creating an online marketing campaign is not an easy task. It takes a lot of knowledge, understanding, experience and tools to be successful. So if you are thinking of starting your own marketing campaign, You should study the details of each

step before doing it. because otherwise You may mistakenly run the game and lose valuable resources or opportunities.