For this technique is a technique for playing Sic Bo with very little risk. for you to choose to play in the safest way Even if the payout is lower than other types, but in order for you to accumulate winnings in many eyes, it is better than not getting anything. then lose money to the dealer in playing like this, you must choose a low-risk bet, such as a high-low bet, where only two sides allow you to bet. The risk is only 50% because it’s not on the high side, it’s out on the big side in playing like this if you

choose correctly. See where the trend is coming out. because of the dice shake from the same dealer often come out in the original with vigorous shaking and a lot of factors make most of it that way. As you keep playing, you’ll notice which side comes out more. When found, choose to stab that side more often. Guarantee that you will be able to collect the prize money as you thought.

Techniques for playing dice

Playing dice with this technique, you will need to practice a lot. Because playing like this requires personal skills, but can practice each other. That’s the technique of listening to the sound of dice. so that you can try to guess the points on the dice closely the sound of the dice is therefore easy to tell you. To listen to the sound of Taoism, you will need to practice it in a number of ways. Both buying dice to try and shake and guess at home. or learn from other people’s techniques. To listen to the

Tao, you must be very quiet. Because the chances of getting points that are not very distorted, for example, when you hear the Tao rolls only one cache. It means that the dice has only been moved 1 time, may go forward or backward, like this, you can choose to bet in a favorable way. If you bet on both sides, the chances of being correct are high. and worth it The prize money paid is a lot more than other types. I guarantee that you can play like this. The dealer will definitely fall.

There are still many techniques for playing Sic Bo that can be used in order to get a lot of money as many people want. Because with a lot of betting options So it’s fun to play technically. And more money will come in when there is technique.