If playing baccarat to get money every day There must be a technique for playing baccarat to get money. Play to win, play baccarat to be rich. in which to play baccarat card games to make a profit in every Day is a story that is not easy and it is not difficult. Many people are looking for techniques or methods to make profits. It is necessary to study and learn techniques and methods. That professional gamblers use to make a profit from this card game. If we know and choose the right way, it can increase our chances of winning more.

Many people tend to feel that playing baccarat (online) card games is often uncertain, some days can be played substantially. but some days are wasted Therefore, the profits of playing baccarat are uncertain, some days gain profits, some days lose. That is why many gamblers question that. “Play baccarat to get money every day” Can it be done?

Therefore, for the technique to learn to play baccarat for that money. You will first need to understand the statistical principles of “chance” and “probability outcomes” of Baccarat. including having to learn In terms of the advantages of placing bets on different sides, such as choosing to bet on the player’s side Choosing to place bets on the banker’s side because each side will have an advantage And disadvantages are different, so you need to understand. in terms of opportunity that can happen that there are some patterns This is because the game of Baccarat requires 6-8 decks of cards, which is approximately 312 to 416 cards per deck.

The interesting information is that of the statistics of baccarat itself. Many people may already know that. in playing baccarat will use 8 decks of playing cards to count baccarat points In which all the collected cards are contained in the playing deck, there are 416 cards in 1 deck. Let’s try to calculate baccarat. and the probability To see the card format events that can occur together

1. Choose to place bets on the Player’s side

• There are all available ways for the Banker to win. 2,292,252,566,437,888

• There are all ways for the Player to win. 2,230,518,282,592,256

• Always a chance to exit. all available 475,627,426,473,216

• For all the ways that can happen 4,998,398,275,503,360

• Summary of bets on the Player’s side (Player): The casino has an advantage of 1.0579%.

• Has a payout rate of 0.95 times

2. Choose to bet on the banker (Banker)

• In terms of the method of winning style, the dealer (Banker), the player (Player), the tie (Tie) will have an event. That can occur as the selection of bets in number 1

• Summary of bets on the banker: the casino has an advantage of 1.2351%

• has a payout rate of 1 times

3. Choose whether Tie (Tie)

• Betting summary Tie (Tie): Casino has an advantage at 14.3596%

• has a payout rate of 8 times

4. Choose to bet on pairs (Pair)

• Placement summary Bet on Pair (Pair): Casino has an advantage of 10.3614 %

• 11x payout rate.

However, after we have looked at the pattern of the probability event of the Baccarat card game. We’ll also find some interesting numbers about the pros and cons. At this point, we will analyze to choose to place bets

• Banker bet, chance of winning 45.8597%, chance of losing 44.6247%, chance of draw 9.5156%

• Betting on the player side, chance of winning 44.6247%, chance of losing 45.8597%, chance of draw 9.5156%

• Tie bets, chances of winning 9.5156%, chances of losing 90.4844%

• Pair bets, chances of winning 7.4699%, chances of losing 92.5301%.

In addition, how to play baccarat to win The gambler himself must understand these numbers and statistics. Because it directly affects the decision to place bets. We find that the long-term probability of winning on the Banker’s side is 45.86% : 44.62% higher than that of the Player’s side. more profitable But we must not forget about the payout ratio, because on the banker’s side, the payout is 0.95 times.

and another interesting part Which is quite shaken to many people, namely Tie (Tie) and Pair (Pair) due to the high payout rate of 8 and 11 times, of course, it may make many people hesitate to try to take risks. But when we look at the subject of statistics, we will find that There are 2 types of betting that have a relatively small percentage of profit. Tie (Tie) has a chance of winning only 9.52%. Pair (Pair) has a chance of winning only 7.46%, which, if calculated from the numbers, is not likely to risk. Place a bet.

Therefore, this is another statistical information of the game of Baccarat that gamblers need to keep in mind. In order to be part of the decision to place bets In addition to information about the probability of baccarat is also available. How to play baccarat to be rich with 3 master techniques

Baccarat cards that are used in playing will have a total of 1 deck of cards, which, of course, will have a pattern of cards that will eventually cycle to the original pattern, which is the pattern that appears in the baccarat card game. Ra also has an experienced gambler. Notice the experimental use until a baccarat formula comes up. In playing baccarat on online casinos in general, we will see that the screen in which to place bets. There will be a section that looks like a grid. and there are 3 color symbols, red = dealer, blue = player, green: tie