In this era, online sales or online businesses are really hot. I want to sell stuff online, but when I look at it, there are many good products to sell. I can’t figure out what to sell. This is probably a troubling question. For those who want to start selling online but

don’t have an idea. Still don’t know what to sell. Today we have gathered the hottest online products in 2020 for you. Let’s go check it out!!

1. Family Products / Home Use Products

Many butlers and housewives love to buy things at home. and at the same time love the convenience of shopping through online channels as well. Convenient, easy, fast, no need to go out to buy by yourself, very comfortable.

2. Products from Chinese websites.

Products from Chinese shopping websites are another popular choice among online sellers to order and sell online. The website of China’s products are used in many exotic cute goodies that will attract customers to buy it is not difficult

3. DIY

craft is gaining in popularity quite a bit. Especially DIY products in the category of jewelry. or various fussy things By those skilled in this field, it’s interesting to try to do the work and put up for sale on the online channel

4. Product wisdom.

One of the charms of folk wisdom products is their uniqueness. local only Available from OTOP groups or community enterprise groups across the country. Try to search for new and interesting products to sell. In addition to the fact that most of these products are only sold in the area. The general public has not yet reached If it is offered for sale

online, it may attract people across the country. It is considered to increase income for people in the community as another way.

5. Beauty and skin care products.

In this era, people not only care about their health, but also care about their appearance. Therefore, it can be seen that beauty and skin care products for both women and men tend to be highly popular. And selling beauty products can also be a good choice. But be careful a little if you want to sell. Should study carefully that the

brand. Is it safe? Is it legal to notify? how famous Or if you want to invent your own brand, you need to pay attention to cleanliness. User safety and legal registration with

6. Gadget IT

Don’t believe, you have to believe that now IT equipment is the product that is searched on Google as the top one ever because this era is the online era. And people are very interested in IT equipment, smartphones, tablets and notebooks. It is common for IT equipment to sell well and another reason for IT equipment to sell well is These

smartphones bring out new models quite often. Many people have been following the release of new models of smartphones. And those smart phone-related devices, such as headphones, battery chargers, etc., also sell well. In addition, IT equipment is not only

the smartphone-related devices mentioned above. But also the camera equipment for both Miller and Leslie Smart Watch with digital and

7. Clothing.

Clothing is a viable business. Because fashion is always changing, so selling clothes is something that never goes out of fashion. If you always follow fashion trends and know how to use online channels to sell Sale of clothing and apparel such as bags, shoes, dark polishes, various accessories. It is a choice that can make you money simply quite

8. jewelry.

Fashionable hairpins, necklaces, fashion earrings are also popular items. Especially, quirky, cute, trendy hairpins or handmade accessories are more likely to sell well. It can be derived from traditional markets such as wholesale bracelet, wholesale prices were too

9. Stationery.

from observations from many Online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have found that selling stationery with cute designs. Useful, it is quite popular at all. Especially among students and students who use stationery in daily life, and there are many types of stationery products as well, such as notebooks, pencils, pens,

post-it notes, etc. have both received from the wholesale market like Sampeng Or may import products from China at all.

10. Boxed food and processed food.

Various healthy food, snacks, including processed food and dry food that can be kept for a long time are also interesting products to sell because food products are products that are as popular as other types of products. If you are a good cook This is another

interesting option. or if there is no skill in cooking but has expertise in tasting They may scout for delicious restaurants that accept dealers. and then put it up for sale online.

Do you have any ideas for selling online? All of these examples are just a few ideas that are presented for those who want to start selling online. In fact, there are many products that are suitable for selling through online channels, not just Facebook, Instagram, but also selling through various websites. If there is an intention to sell Pay

attention to the quality of products and services. I assure you that no matter what product you sell, your customers will surely be hooked and may come back to buy again.