In this section, The Growth Master takes you on a look at 5 sample Lead Generation Hacks Strategies. Can you apply it to your business? Let’s follow together.

1. Allows users to Sign UP through Accounts of Third-Party Apps such as Google or Facebook.

Today, most people believe that people will have accounts with apps. All the basics, such as email or social media. which for apps Or well-known platforms such as Facebook, Google, Linked in or Twitter.

which instead of the user having to fill in new information to apply for membership with us We can add an option for users to sign up with their app account. that he may already have It can help encourage more users to sign up with us. With a shortened process,

we can also choose what data we want to collect from users (such as their overall profile, email, or friend list) based on the third-party apps we use. Added as an option for users, for example, Facebook will have a user dataset that allows us to request about 50 requests from users,

so this method is very suitable. For any business that collects Lead by getting people to sign up, for example. business with applications Or businesses that provide online platform services.

2. Special coupons.

Coupons are one of those deals that tend to attract the attention of users very well. The global mobile coupon usage rate in 2019 is estimated to be around 1.05 billion. Compared to 2014 with a mobile coupon usage rate of about 560 million

a BI Norwegian Business School study concluded that coupons were one of the things people were willing to pay for. something more Of course, in the corner of collecting leads, coupons are one of the special offers that make customers more willing to give you information. It can also increase the likelihood that we will close the sale faster as

well. (After they see the value of your product or service)
Examples of coupon concepts that are often used online :

– Discount coupons Percentage-based

– Currency Value


-based Discount Coupon


– Free Shipping Coupon

– Gift Vouchers

The website is often used as pop-up content that will be displayed during the target audience visits the website.

3. Start using the Referral Program Technique.

Referral Program is another marketing promotion program. one At the heart of this strategy is to use the principle of Refferal Marketing (referrals or referrals) of one customer to a potential customer. With both having to win-win benefits

for digital businesses, doing an online Refferal Program is another way to get your leads back quickly. You could try creating a new landing page to collect extra leads. So your customers can send that landing page to their friends or acquaintances.

By adding special promotions to increase interest and encourage interested customers to fill in Lead with you.

An example from Dropbox (Online File Deposit Software) that uses a referral program to increase leads by their existing customers. Enter the email address of a friend who wants them to try Dropbox, and if that friend subscribes to Dropbox via the email they sent. Referrals will get 500 MB of additional storage.

Of course, using this technique can benefit both parties because Dropbox will get more leads (new customers) and customers who refer friends will get more space in Dropbox. That’s it.

4. User-Generated Content

usage techniques. User-Generated Content, to explain it more clearly, is to allow users to participate in something on your website or social media, for example, allowing users to create content themselves. make your own thread Review or comment You do not need to pay wages.

Creating User-Generated Content, especially on websites or forums (eg Medium, Pantip, Blockdit) before you go into creating content on those websites. The first thing you need a user to do is create Accounts or open an account to gain access.
You can use third party apps to help users save time or create a dedicated account for

your website. But no matter which method you use, you will get information about the prospects that customers (Leads) have already come.

And the User Generated Content technique is also another technique to get the list of Leads through the Word Of Mouth strategy. For example, Mr. A is a mechanic. Started to try to write articles about car repair on Pantip. When the topic became popular, he began to persuade Mr. B, who is the same car mechanic to write articles on Pantip as

well. Mr. B began to persuade others. causing it to be like word of mouth persuading them to create content continuously (of course, before creating content Website Leads the time required to complete)

5. Live Chat With The a Lead the Magnet

Actually, the process of this technique is to combine the two elements working together, including Live Chat and Lead Magnet.

For the definition of Lead Magnet, it is a tool that is used to attract leads such as downloading E-Books, Special Resources, Mini Courses, or some activities such as Quizzes. whatever activity all have to go through